Documentation and Administrative Communication


The Center of Documentation and Administrative Communication is one of the scientific centers at King Faisal University. It handles and preserves the necessary documents and archives of the university.   It is considered the channel that the university deals with and saves its documents in(the ones that are done inside the university and the ones that are done between the university and the other external universities and parties).


Central Laboratories


The Central Laboratories Department is the entity responsible of the research laboratories, and equipment, and laboratory supplies. It also monitors the distribution of the technicians and benefiting from their abilities and training them. This department works under the supervision of the Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.


Water Studies Center


The establishment of this center based on the consent of the president of university No. 1664/CE dated 09/07/1402H, and on the recommendation of the Scientific Council Minutes’ eleventh session, held on 22/05/1402H. The main task of the center is to provide studies, researches, consultancies, and training programs in all fields of water and other related sciences which meet the needs of the

Kingdom and the other neighboring countries.


Date Palm Research Center


The Date Palm Research Center (DPRC) at King Faisal University was established in 1983 to become one of the centers of research excellence for date palms and dates at King Faisal University. The Center held a number of meetings and workshops with university officials, faculty members, researchers, and some experts from inside and outside the Kingdom.


Translation, Authorship, and Publication


The Center of Translation, Authorship, and Publication is a scientific and professional unit that supervises all published and translated works by collecting and sending them to the relevant authorities for approval (the Scientific Council).


University Center for Communication and Media


The University Center for Communication and Media, a professional administrative center, was established based on the decision No. 38/2 / 710 made by the President of the University in 19/11/1436H. It aims at providing high-quality, universal, and integrated communication and information solutions that achieve the university’s mission through the development of creative and scientific ways or the communication and media, and providing an atmosphere that is characterized by experience, knowledge, and competencies of students, faculty members, professionals, communication and media experts from inside and outside the university


National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity


The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity center was established, with the approval of Royal Charity, to be a national consultancy research institution hosted by KFU to meet the aspirations of the community in this field. It aims at making the care of talent and creativity a societal culture and an educational practice when preparing the young to take their responsibilities in building the society and its civilization.


Camel Research Center


The Camel Research Center is a unique scientific facility in the Kingdom and another Arab world. Since its establishment in 1402 AH, it has promoted camel and raise its matter. Camels are considered a national treasure that the Kingdom seeks to preserve and develop due to their special position in the hearts of people of this country.


Fish Resources Research Center


The Fish Resources Research Center was established in 10/8 / 1427H  to play the primary role in the research, studies, and practical consultations in the fields of exploitation, management, and development of living aquatic resources either by natural fishing or fish farming.


Science and Technology Unit


The University's Science and Technology Unit is considered a supporter of the University's research development. Its work goes in line with the strategic trends in the fields of science and technology set by the National Comprehensive Science, Technology, and Innovation Plan.


Support Studies Center


The Support Studies Center provides the university student with all possible services in a distinctive way, including all facilities needed by the student, and it focuses on providing the student with the basic skills necessary to support his/her scientific career and establish the principle of self-learning.


Avian Research Center


The Avian Research Center is one of the unique centers in the kingdom. It concerns with the research related to non-traditional birds (snipping and beautification) and poultry, and it concerns specifically with the public health and related environment, as well as epidemiology, preventive and therapeutic medicine for birds.


Scientific Journal of King Faisal University


The scientific Journal of King Faisal University is a biannual scientific journal issued under the guidance of the University Scientific Council. The journal also publishes special and supplementary issues when needed. The first volume of the journal was published in 1420H (2000). The journal publishes two separate issues: Humanities and Management Sciences issue, and Basic and Applied Sciences issue.


E-Clinic Anti-Smoking


This clinic provides the best preventive, awareness, and counseling electronic services to the different categories of the community in the field of fighting smoking and toxins by presenting various programs in an excellent scientific method.


Saudi Veterinary Medical Association


The Saudi Veterinary Medical Association was established by the decision of the Council of King Faisal University in its third session of the academic year 1421/1422 H, held on 21/2 / 1422H.  The Association's first board election was held in 1426/2005 after the establishing council had spent three years in the initial preparations for the association.


Research and Training Station


The Agricultural-Veterinarian Training and Research Station of King Faisal University was established by the Royal Decree No. 30/M/3388, in 27/2/1397 H. It is located on the road leading to the Gulf Countries in the Delizia Region at Al-Ahsa Governorate, on an area of six hundred hectares (6 square kilometers), and it is 15 kilometers far away from the main university headquarters.


Intellectual Awareness Unit


The Intellectual Awareness Unit was established to achieve its objectives and activate its role in all faculties and departments of the university. This unit provides its awareness programs through a diversity of activities to all university students (males and females), including scholarship students, Saudi and non-Saudi faculty members, and all employees (males and females) at the university.