College of Veterinary Medicine


College of Veterinary Medicine at King Faisal University is the only college in the Arabian Gulf region that, since its establishment in 1395H., has been preparing scientifically and professionally qualified veterinarians to the local and regional community to serve in various fields of medicine and animal therapy.


College of Agricultural and Food Sciences


College of Agricultural and Food Sciences was established in 1395H, corresponding to 1975. It is one of the first four colleges that the university has firstly opened.


College of Business Administration


College of Business Administration was established in the academic year 1404H., corresponding to 1984.  It was early named “the College of Planning and Administrative Sciences”, and was located in the city of Al-Hofuf in Al-Ahsa Governorate. The study in the college started in the first semester of the same year.


College of Education


The study at the College of Education has begun in the first semester of the academic year 1401/1402H. The main objective of the college is to cover the needs of the eastern region of educational teachers to keep pace with the comprehensive educational development in the Kingdom.


College of Science


College of Science was established in 2002. It has four academic departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and statistics.


Faculty of medicine


College of Medicine was established on 18/11/1421H. The main objective of this college is to prepare physicians/doctors in order to provide the necessary health care and promote the health of individuals and groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Clinical Pharmacy


College of Clinical Pharmacy was established on 29/3/1423H. It seeks to promote the health services and pharmacology in accordance with the Kingdom's educational policy, which is characterized by introducing the advanced technology and science systems in various fields.


Computer Science and Information Technology


College of Computer Science and Information Technology for the male-student section was established in 1424H. In the a academic year 1429H, the female student's section was included. The college offers four majors: Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Networks and Computer Engineering.


Applied Medical Sciences


College of Applied Medical Sciences offers a three-and-a-half-year study programs in addition to the year of excellence. The graduate student gets a Bachelor Degree in one of the majors of Applied Medical Sciences.


College of Engineering


College of Engineering was established in 26/1/1428 H, based on the Royal Decree Decision No. 1086 / M. Since then has become one of the most important faculties at King Faisal University that seek the development of engineering education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




College of Applied was established in the academic year 1421/1422H to be a link between the university and the institutions and individuals of the society in order to identify their knowledge, scientific needs, and aspirations.


College of Arts


College of Arts seeks to be a new tributary and to the King Faisal University and an essential college in order to contribute to the completion of the renaissance of this blessed country by supplying it with qualified individuals needed in various fields.


College of Dentistry


College of Dentistry was established on 7/8/1432H. It seeks to become the most distinguished college in terms of achieving its objectives concerning training students and gaining community partnership, and carrying out scientific research related to the needs of the local and national community.


College of Law


College of Law was established in 1432H based on the decision of the Higher Education Council No. 18/62/1431. The role of the College of Law is not limited to providing a distinguished graduate student in the legal studies of the judicial entities and civil society organizations, but also to achieve a research and community partnership with institutions and agencies which are interested in the legal affairs inside and outside the Kingdom.  It seeks to benefit from this partnership to develop the study at the college and achieve excellence at a national and international level.


Applied - Abqaiq


College Applied - Abqaiq was established on 19/2/1431H., based on  the decision of the Higher Education Council at its 62nd session. The study at the college began in the second semester of the academic year 1436/1435H.