The School of Business was established in the academic year 1404 Ah in 1984 in the name of the College of Planning and Administrative Sciences based in The City of Hufof in Al-Hasa governorate, and began studying in the first semester of that year in addition to the Division of Systems in Dammam, which was opened at the beginning of the university year 1418/1419 H. At the time of its establishment, officials were keen to provide curricula and educational programs at the international level, and to qualify the people of this giving country for administrative and professional positions in the fields of industry, trade and administrative positions in other government interests and institutions. At the beginning of its establishment, the college occupied the building dedicated at that time to the Faculty of Education after moving to its new building, which is located near the main restaurant of the university, and in 1418 H the college moved to its own building located near the main gate of the university and next to sheikh Hassan Al Sheikh Lounge. The school moved to its new headquarters in the university city at the beginning of the first semester of 1432/33. ​​​​​​

​​​A distinguished school of business at the national and regional levels in the areas of business administration.

Preparing managers with leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit in accordance with the accredited academic and professional standards, in addition to the school commitment to support business sectors, local and regional community through scientific research and consulting services in a way that contributes to the sustainable development.

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