Deanship of Graduate Studies


Due to the expansion witnessed by the colleges of the university in the postgraduate studies, the university has established an independent deanship for these types of studies, on 21/8/1404 H, to supervise the university's graduate programs in coordination with the concerned colleges.


Deanship of Students Affairs


The Deanship of Students Affairs was established in 1396 H., to manage all students’ matters (males and females) starting from the day their admission to the university until they get graduated.  The deanship provides all available academic care, including the students’ academic acceptance and registration and other subsequent cases.


Development and Quality Assurance


The Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance was established by a decision of the Temporary Committee entrusted to do the business of the Council of Higher Education at its fifth meeting held on 27/5/1437 H, No. 5/5/1437H.,  approving the integration of the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation and the Deanship of the Development of University Education.


Deanship of Library Affairs


The Deanship of Library Affairs provides knowledge sources to all employees, students, faculty members, lab technicians, and administrators in the university. It also, in this perspective, offers a service to the local community in addition to participating in the regional al and international events related to book exhibitions and recent technical information.


 Admission and Registration


Deanship of Admission and Registration is responsible for following up on the student's journey of learning, starting from the moment he/she enters university until he/she graduates.


Deanship of Scientific Research


The Deanship of Scientific Research was established according to the Unified Regulation for Scientific Research in the Saudi Universities. It was approved by the Higher Education Council in its report No. 2/10/1419 dated 6/2/1419 H with the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairman of Higher Education Council No. 7 / 4403 dated 2/4/1419H.


Institute of Research and Consulting


The Institute of Research and Consultations was established in 1430H., corresponding to 2009, to achieve the strategic initiatives of the King Faisal University and its efforts to improve and support the activities of the research and consultations and meet the needs of the university and society.


Deanship of Faculty Affairs


The Deanship of Faculty Affairs was established on 21/6/1418 AH based on the University's eagerness to develop and serve its employees at the academic, administrative, cultural, entertainment, and social levels.


E-learning and Distance Education


The importance of establishing the Deanship of E-learning at King Faisal University is to keep up-to-date with the technological development in the field of education. The university has made good progress in this field, and it strives to develop and keep up with what is going on in higher education.


Deanship of Preparatory Year


Minister of Higher Education approved the establishment of the Deanship of Preparatory Year in King Faisal University campus in Al-Ahasa on 21/2/1430 H. Since its establishment, the deanship has sought dependency on the effective learning and training by providing modern technical methods.


Deanship of Information Technology


The Deanship of Information Technology automates all procedures and services provided by all entities of the university to all beneficiaries, including students, faculty members, employees, and the external entities, including government agencies, private entities, and all citizens.