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King Faisal University

The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity

To be a leading and distinguished center in talent and creativity research and programs at the global level to achieve the highest quality standards in developing the capabilities of gifted and creative people.

*the message:
Providing high-quality research, consulting, training and academic services in the field of raising and teaching gifted and creative people, and providing scientific and moral support for research projects, through a highly qualified work team, scientific methodologies, and partnership and cooperation with the best international centers specialized in talent and creativity.

1- Enriching scientific research in universities and other scientific institutions in the field of educating the gifted and creative.
2- Building academic programs in the field of gifted education.
3- Developing systems and regulations to nurture the talents of gifted and creative students in higher education institutions.
4- Building quality assurance and accreditation systems for gifted education programs in educational institutions.
5- Spreading the culture of talent to integrate creative thinking skills into the curriculum in general education schools and universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.