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King Faisal University

Promoting the public health of university employees


The university sought to be a pioneer in excellence and leadership in serving its students and employees and serving the community, by adopting a strategy of education for health and well-being. In implementation of this, His Excellency the President of the University issued Decision No. 38/2/428 dated 11/24/1442 AH, to establish a program concerned with promoting public health. For university employees, which includes “promoting physical, psychological, social and financial health” tracks, which aims to produce and develop health promotion programs that take into account the needs of university employees in a way that achieves an ideal healthy life for them that makes them able to participate positively in achieving the university’s vision and mission and achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, thus enhancing the Kingdom’s capabilities. At all levels.

*-Strategic objective:
Continuous development of the university education system and focusing the university’s community partnership activities towards areas achieving mutual enrichment.

*-Program Goals:
1. Raising the level of health awareness of university employees through introducing and educating about healthy and safe patterns to enable them to make correct health decisions and provide them with health-promoting behaviors and skills.
2. Providing and facilitating access to health-related knowledge and information that enables them to follow healthy lifestyles to prevent diseases and raise the quality of life among university and community members.
3. Enhancing the spirit of belonging to the university by its employees and reflecting this belonging in a positive way to enrich the university community.
4. Highlighting the integrated role of the university through its interest in promoting the health of its employees in addition to its scientific and research interests and involving the private sector and health authorities in activities to promote public health.