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King Faisal University

Saudian Veterinary Medical Association

Membership in the association is granted by its board of directors. Membership begins upon registration and payment of the association’s financial fees. Membership is of four types:

1- Honorary membership:
It is granted by decision of the General Assembly to anyone who has contributed to the development of the association’s areas of interest, or provided it with financial or moral services. The honorary member is exempted from the requirement to pay the subscription and may attend the sessions of the General Assembly and its various committees and participate in the discussions.

The benefits of an honorary member are:
The honorary member is exempted from paying the association’s subscription fees.
The honorary member has the right to attend the sessions of the General Assembly and its various committees, participate in discussions, and participate in all of the association’s activities.

2- Active membership:
It is granted to those wishing to hold a scientific degree or its equivalent in veterinary medicine or other related sciences, veterinary medicine assistants, and livestock workers. The subscription fee is (200) two hundred riyals annually.

Benefits of an active member:
The membership applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine or its equivalent in the association’s various fields of specialization, or a veterinary assistant diploma.
To pay annual subscriptions.
Attend and participate in all activities of the association.
Attend the General Assembly meeting and participate in the discussion. He has the right to nominate and run for the Board of Directors and has the right to vote.

3- Affiliate membership:
A subscription fee of (100) one hundred riyals is granted to those wishing to do not hold a university degree, and to students in related specializations.

Benefits of an affiliate member:
Undergraduate students in the association's fields of specialization.
Workers and those interested in the association’s field who do not meet the academic qualification requirement specified for active membership.
Attending and participating in all the activities of the association, attending the sessions of the general assembly and its various committees, and participating in discussions without having the right to vote.

4- Voluntary membership:

It is granted to those wishing to join the association’s volunteer groups and teams, for a period of one year.

To register for association membership, click here