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King Faisal University

Saudian Veterinary Medical Association

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Saudi Veterinary Medical Association, which is concerned with the veterinary medicine profession and all its employees. The association was established on 2/21/1422 AH based on the approval of the Board of Directors of King Faisal University at its third session, held for the academic year 1421/1422 AH, and its headquarters is at King Faisal University.
One of the most important motivations behind the establishment of this association is the professional development of staff working in the veterinary medicine profession in various veterinary medical specialties. The association seeks to hold seminars, workshops, lectures, training courses, and scientific conferences in order to achieve that desired goal, and it also achieves the required communication. Among all workers and those interested in this profession.
The Society also seeks to establish strategic partnerships with the government and private sectors and local and international colleges of veterinary medicine, in addition to relevant scientific societies, including local, regional and international ones, which aim to develop the Saudi veterinary medical staff and their assistants, as it is currently seeking to join the International Veterinary Medical Association, which will have an impact. The senior veterinary medical staff affiliated with the Association will have the right to participate in the activities offered by the Association and the International Veterinary Medical Association, which aim for the professional self-development of the members.
The association also provides veterinary medical consultations, as it includes a scientific elite specialized in various veterinary medical specialties.

Through this, I urge and invite all workers in the veterinary medical staff to join the membership of the Saudi Veterinary Medical Association because of the great benefit that will accrue to them from developing their professional capabilities through the activities and events organized by the Saudi Veterinary Medical Association and to work together to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership in achieving the vision of the Kingdom. 2030.

Chairman of the Association's Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. Salah bin Abdulaziz Al-Shami