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King Faisal University

Saudian Veterinary Medical Association

Vision, mission and goals


The association is to be a leading scientific institution that advances the veterinary medicine profession to a global level in its various fields in order to achieve the growth and sustainability of veterinary services that serve the community.

the message:

Supporting the veterinary medicine profession by caring for veterinarians and developing the profession to apply the best scientific and practical practices in the field of veterinary medicine and animal welfare to serve human health and well-being.

strategic goals:

1. Demonstrating the role of the veterinary profession in serving society.

2. Developing scientific thought and continuing education for veterinarians in various fields.

3. Achieving communication between members of the association.

4. Participation with local and international scientific and research bodies in research related to veterinary medicine.

5. Encouraging investment in the field of veterinary medicine.

6. Providing consultations in all veterinary fields.

7. Cooperating with the competent authorities in issuing licenses to practice the veterinary medicine profession.

8. Activating the concept of One Health through cooperation with relevant authorities and bodies.

9. Establishing new branches of the association in various regions of the Kingdom.

10. Increase the association’s funding sources.

11. Establishing a specialized scientific journal for the association.

12. Work with the relevant authorities to establish the Veterinary Medical Specialties Authority.


· Citizenship

· cooperation

· trust

· Scientific secretariat

· devotion