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King Faisal University

College of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Activity, volunteerism and skills record
Student activities
The college's Student Activities Committee supervises cultural events, activities, and entertainment programs within the college and contributes to providing a stimulating atmosphere to gain skills and develop talents.
College activities announcements
Join college teams
If you have a talent or skill (athletic, artistic, technical, cultural, media, volunteer work), we are pleased for you to join the various clubs and teams by subscribing to the College’s Talents and Volunteers Team channel, in addition to registering your data in the college’s list of talents and volunteers.

Join the College Talents and Volunteers Telegram
Register in the student activities club and the college’s volunteer team

Volunteer team
Through the National Volunteer Work Platform, students can document their volunteer participation in the college or university. Students must register in the college’s volunteer team and register the names of participants in the events in order to obtain volunteer hours and official certificates in the volunteer field.

National platform for volunteer work

Skills record
Students can submit a request to participate in student activities or request monitoring of an award they have obtained, as well as submit a request to monitor volunteer hours and register patents obtained by the student, as well as any exceptional achievement.
The system also monitors all skill courses through enrollment in training system programs directly after attendance. The student benefits from it upon graduation as an official document added to the academic record documenting the skills he acquired during his university career.

Skills record

Calendar of events

List of the most important global and local events

Database - Student Activities and Public Relations Committee: List of the most important international events

DATEDAYThe most important global eventsPeriod
1/1/2023SundayWorld Family DayI finish
1/1/2024MondayA healthy dayI finish
24-01-2024WednesdayWorld Education DayI finish
26-01-2024FridayInternational Day of Clean EnergyI finish
2/2/2024FridayWorld Wetlands DayI finish
10/2/2024SaturdayWorld Pulses DayI finish
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
I finish
22-02-2024ThursdayFounding Day2 days
1/3/2024FridayWorld Seagrass Day10 days
4/3/2024MondayWorld Obesety Day13 days
7/3/2024ThursdayTree week16 days
7/3/2024ThursdayGulf Nutrition Week16 days
8/3/2024FridayInternational Women's Day17 days
11/3/2024MondaySaudi Flag Day20 day
18-03-2024MondayGloabal Recycling Day27 days
20-03-2024WednesdaySaudi Environment Week29 days
21-03-2024ThursdayInternational Day of Forests30 days
22-03-2024FridayWorld Water Day31 days
2/4/2024TuesdayWorld Autism Awareness Day42 days
7/4/2024SundayWorld Health Day47 days
21-04-2024SundayWorld Creativity and Innovation Day61 days
21-04-2024SundayWorld Planting Day61 days
22-04-2024MondayInternational Mother Earth Day62 days
2/5/2024ThursdayWorld Tuna Day72 days
12/5/2024SundayInternational Day of Plant Health82 days
13-05-2024MondayWorld Migratory Bird Day83 days
16-05-2024ThursdayWorld Fish Migration Day86 days
20-05-2024MondayWorld Bee Day90 days
21-05-2024TuesdayInternational Tea Day91 days
International Day for Biological Diversity
92 days
1/6/2024SaturdayWorld Milk Day102 days
5/6/2024WednesdayWorld Environment Day106 days
7/6/2024FridayWorld Food Safety Day108 days
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
118 days
18-06-2024TuesdaySustainable Gastronomy Day119 days
25-06-2024TuesdayDay of the Seafarer [IMO]126 days
15-07-2024MondayWorld Youth Skills Day146 days
International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem
157 days
28-07-2024SundayWorld Nature Conservation Day159 days
1/8/2024ThursdayWorld Breastfeeding Week163 days
12/8/2024MondayInternational Youth Day174 days
5/9/2024ThursdayInternational Day of Charity198 days
International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies
200 days
15-09-2024SundayArab Palm Day208 days
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
209 days
23-09-2024MondaySaudi National Day216 days
27-09-2024FridayArab Agriculture Day220 days
International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
222 days
30-09-2024MondayWorld Maritime Day223 days
1/10/2024TuesdayBreast Cancer Awareness Month224 days
4/10/2024FridayWorld Animal Day227 days
14-10-2024MondayArab Environment Day237 days
15-10-2024TuesdayInternational Day of Rural Women238 days
16-10-2024WednesdayWorld Food Day239 days
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
240 days
23-10-2024WednesdaySaudi Green Initiatives246 days
11/11/2024MondaySaudi Organic Food Day265 days
14-11-2024ThursdayWorld Diabetes Day268 days
21-11-2024ThursdayWorld Fisheries Day275 days
5/12/2024ThursdayWorld Soil Day289 days
Volunteer Day Saudi & International
289 days

You can click on the event title to reach its official website to obtain more information about the event

List of annual College of Agricultural and Food Sciences events
List of events
King Faisal University - College of Agricultural and Food Sciences - Activities and Public Relations Committee

WeeksSchool weekthe addressdayGregorian datePlace
11Induction day meeting for new studentsTuesday22-08-2023The stage
22Harvest ceremony ceremonyTuesday29-08-2023The stage
33Scientific Research Day meetingTuesday5/9/2023The stage
44effectivenessTuesday12/9/2023College lobby
55Effectiveness of activity and creative thinkingTuesday19-09-2023the library
66National Day celebration eventTuesday26-09-2023Deanship of Student Affairs
77Patent workshopMonday2/10/2023College theatre
88Midterm examsTuesday10/10/2023The stage
99Arab Environment Day event - World Food Day - International Rural Women's DayTuesday17-10-2023College lobby
1010MeetingTuesday24-10-2023The stage
1111Sports competitions between sections - qualifiersTuesday31-10-2023University playgrounds
1212effectivenessTuesday7/11/2023College lobby
1313Ceremony honoring outstanding achieversTuesday14-11-2023The stage
14 Mid-semester vacationTuesday21-11-2023 
1514Athlete Inter-departmental sports competitions - finals / academic advising dayTuesday28-11-2023University playgrounds
1615effectivenessTuesday5/12/2023College lobby
1716Artistic creativity and environmental sustainability workshopTuesday12/12/2023College lobby
1817Final examsTuesday19-12-2023 
1918Final examsTuesday26-12-2023 
20 Mid-year vacationTuesday2/1/2024 
21 Mid-year vacationTuesday9/1/2024 
221Postgraduate student meetingTuesday16-01-2024The stage
232A lecture on mental health and academic excellenceTuesday23-01-2024The stage
243Effective cultural competitions between departmentsTuesday30-01-2024College lobby
254Effectiveness - introducing the specialtyTuesday6/2/2024College lobby
265Alumni meeting eventTuesday13-02-2024College lobby
276Saudi Foundation Day eventSunday18-02-2024College lobby
28 Foundation Day is the mid-term holiday of the second semesterThursday29-02-2024 
297International Women's Day event - Specialization Introduction DayTuesday5/3/2024College lobby
308Saudi Science Day event - midterm examsTuesday12/3/2024College lobby
319Environment Week event in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTuesday19-03-2024College lobby
3210Ramadan eventTuesday26-03-2024College lobby
33 Eid al-Fitr holidayTuesday2/4/2024 
34 Eid al-Fitr holidayTuesday9/4/2024 
3511Eid al-Fitr greeting ceremonyTuesday16-04-2024College lobby
3612International Mother Earth Day eventTuesday23-04-2024College lobby
3713College graduates ceremonyTuesday30-04-2024The stage
3814Effectiveness of scientific researchTuesday7/5/2024College lobby
3915International Plant Health Day eventTuesday14-05-2024College lobby
4016World Bee Day event - International Day for Biological DiversityTuesday21-05-2024College lobby
4117Final examsTuesday28-05-2024College lobby
4218Final examsTuesday4/6/2024College lobby
43 End of school year vacationTuesday11/6/2024 

-Student Activities Committee forms
 Registration form to attend upcoming events
 Register attendance for available college activities
-Form for submitting contributions and proposals
 If you would like to submit a proposal to implement an event, you must fill out this form > It is presented to the Student Activities Committee for approval and a date is set according to the events calendar > It is submitted to the Dean of the College for approval > The event proposal is then notified via email or WhatsApp of approval to hold the event and the specified date > Complete coordination With the committee to hold the event.
While there is an ongoing event and you have the desire to participate, whether in a corner, a lecture, a scientific poster, an infographic, awareness messages, etc., the committee will sort the entries and select the distinguished entries, and the applicants will be informed of the approval to participate via email or WhatsApp.
Contributions and proposals form
-Obtaining certificates
Electronic certificates are provided after evaluating the event to attendees through a barcode that is made available to attendees at the time of the event.
Participants are provided with electronic certificates after the event ends at the end of the semester.
-At the end of each semester, beneficiaries, including college employees and students, have the right to evaluate the committee’s performance through the following form
Evaluating the performance of the Student Activities Committee

For more details, please see the Student Activities Office

2086 or visit the office
Greetings from the Chairman of the Student Activities Committee
Lecturer Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Dhafar