Eng. Mohammad Younes




































RANK: Lecturer




·      M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Jordan, Jordan,  2010.


·      B.Sc.  Chemical Engineering, Mu'tah University, Jordan,  2006.





·      Water treatment technologies

·      Biofuel production

·      Renewable energy

·      Wastes recycling



·         Lecturer At king Faisal university

·         Service engineer.

·         Water treatment engineer.



·      Mohammad Younes, Hasan Alhaji, Mohammad Al-Bajhan, Ahmed Al-Saif, Ali Al-Abdulaziz “Integration a Design of Experiment in the mass Transfer Laboratory to investigate the effect of temperature change on diffusion coefficient of Acetone in Ai” IJEAIS journal volume1 issue:10- December 2017


·      Mohammad K.Younes Z.M.Nopiah N.E. AhmadBasri H.Basri Mohammed F.M.Abushammala Mohammed Y.Younes “Landfill area estimation based on integrated waste disposal options and solid waste forecasting using modified ANFIS model” ELSIVER, volume :55 September 2016 (ISI; IF: 3.22 )


·      Mohammad K. , Z.M.Nopiah, M.Y.Younes,N.E. Ahmad Basri , Hassan Basri , Mohammed F.M. Abushammala, "Investigation of Dynamic Regulation Impact Assessment, Case Study of Plastic Bags in Jordan". Wulfenia Journal volume 20,2013; ISI(1561-882X)


Research IDs:

·      Orcid ID: 0000-0002-4505-5692

·       Scopus Author ID:  57073870900