Engr. Abdulmoez Abdulwhab Al-Ismaeel



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RANK: Teaching Assistant




      B.Sc.  Civil Engineering, King Faisal University , Saudi Arabia 2014.




      Nano Technology in Concrete

      Designing Sustainable Materials and Infrastructure

      Designing Sustainable Urban Planning

      Analysis, behavior, and design of concrete structures

      Cracking control in concrete structures

      High performance concrete



Fully responsible for all aspects of course instruction and assessment

Lecturer, NDT Technology Institute, February 2014 - September 2014

  Engineering Drawing, 1 quarter, 30 undergraduate students

  Heat Treatment, 1 quarter, 14 undergraduate students

  Metallurgy, 1 quarter, 13 undergraduate students

  Technical Drawing, 1 quarter, 10 undergraduate students

  Industrial Safety, 1 quarter, 7 undergraduate students


King Faisal University City, April 2013

Summer training

  • Working on excavation stage

  • Working on walls insulation


Uni-Build Contracting Company, July - August 2012

Summer training

  • Drawing a section of column using AutoCAD

  • Working on excavation and dewatering system

  • Working on casting of columns and mat foundation




  • Fahad S., Abdulaziz Y. and Abdulmoez A. A Sustainable Recycling Process for Aggregate Waste for Environmental Protection along With Economic Returns. Accepted for presentation at American Concrete Institute Fall Convention 2013 in Arizona (Supervised by Dr. Shahid Kabir)

  • Shahid K., Abdulmoez A., Abdulaziz Y. and Fahad S. Sustainable Management Program for Construction Waste. Accepted for presentation at the 9th International Concrete Conference & Exhibition 2013 in Kingdom of Bahrain (Supervised by Dr. Shahid Kabir)