Engr. Ammar Al-Shayeb




































RANK: Lecturer




·      M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Jordan University , Jordan,  1998.


·      B.Sc.  Civil Engineering, Yarmouk University, Jordan,  1986.




•  Groundwater & Surface water Hydrology

•  Environmental Engineering

•  Concrete Sustainability


•  Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering dept., KFU, KSA, Sep. 2010 – Present. (full time)(Statics, Hydrology, Construction materials Lab, Surveying and Geology) 

•  Lecturer, Water Management and Environment dept., Hashemite University, JORDAN, Feb 2009–August 2010. (full time)

•  Research and Teaching Assistant, Water Management and Environment dept., Hashemite University, JORDAN, Nov. 2000– January 2009. (full time)

•  Industrial Experience in many companies (August /1988 to November/2000)



•  Shaid Kabir ,Ammar Al-Shayeb & Imran Khan (2016) Recycled Construction Debris as Concrete Aggregate for Sustainable Construction Materials
Elsevier Journal – Procedia Engineering 145 (2016) 1518-1525

•  El-Naqa,A. and Al-Shayeb,A.(2009)Groundwater Protection and Management Strategy in Jordan.
Water Resources Management Journal.Vol. 23, No.12, p. 2379-2394

•  Moshrik,H.,Abu-Allaban,M.,Al-Shayeb,A., Jaber,M. and Momani,N. (2009)Climate Change in Jordan:
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