Dr. Ziad Shatnawi




































RANK: Lecturer




      M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan,  2000.


      B.Sc.  Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan,  1997.




   Wastewater Treatment Plant Design.

   Investigation of Water Quality and Air quality in relation to environment.

   Investigation of soil physical properties in relation to agriculture, engineering and environment




   1997-2000: Teaching & Research Assistant, Civil Engineering Dept at Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST).


   2003- 2010: Teaching and Research Assistant at Hashemite University / Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment / Department of Land Management and Environment, Jordan.


   2010-till now: Lecturer, Dept. of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, King Faisal University, Al_Ahsa, KSA






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   Choudhry, R. M., Al-Fozan, M., Al-Barrak, A., Shalabi, F. I., Shatnawi, Z. N., and Khan, M. I. (2015). Study of the Combination Mode of Design and Supervision in Construction Project Consulting Service in Saudi Arabia. In Proceedings of the 3rd  International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, 10-11 October, Zurich, Switzerland.