Eng. Jomah Mohammad Alzoubi



























RANK: Lecturer




  • M.Sc.  Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Automation Engineering, Yarmouk University , Jordan, 2013.


  • B.Sc.   Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, 2010.




·      Applied Mechanics .

·      Mechatronics  .

·      Nanotechnology  .

·      Control system .



·         Part Time Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department  , Jordan University of  Science and Technology, Jordan. 

·         Research Assistance(RA), Department of  Mechanical Engineering,  Paderborn  University, North Rhein Westphalia, Germany

·         Research Assistance(RA), Nanotechnology Center, Jordan University  of Science and Technology, Jordan.


·         Jomah Alzoubi, Amin Alqudah, Shadi Alboon , “Verification of the feed-forward control for a piezoelectric actuator using differential flatness approach, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 2019.

·        Mankai Wahbi, Ben Smida Brahim, Chafra Moez, Ben Cheikh Ridha, Alzoubi Jomah, " Modeling of a Fatigue Test performed on a Trans-tibial Prosthetic Socket made of Natural Fiber", The Eighth International Congress Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems, Tunisia (CMSM 2019).

·         Jomah Alzoubi, Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi, Amin Alqudah, Shadi Alboon , “Performance Analysis for The Piezoelectric Actuator  Parameters”, 8th Jordanian International Electrical and Electronics Engineering Conference, (JIEEEC 2013.