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College of Engineering


About the College

A royal decree for the establishment of the College of Engineering at King Faisal University (KFU) was issued in the year 2007 G (1428 H).  The decree paved the way for the College to offer engineering education in the following seven programs:



In the Fall Semester of the academic year 2009-2010 G (1430/1431 H), the College started teaching in the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering programs.  The decision to start with these programs was based on a market survey of the engineering manpower needs in the Saudi market, and on the fact that these three programs represent the core general engineering programs which serve the more specialized programs.


In the Fall, 2011 and Fall 2013, the College started the Chemical Engineering Program for male students and the Biomedical Engineering program for female students, respectively.

In the meantime, the college is working on establishing postgraduate programs in Chemical and Electrical Engineering.

Since establishment, the College has adopted a scientific approach based on the principles of strategic planning and quality in higher education in order to achieve excellence and distinction.  In one hand, the curriculum development emerged from an exhaustive search including market surveys, research in labor market needs, and benchmarking against other renowned universities.  On the other hand, Standards from internationally recognized sources such as ABET-EAC and the KSA National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) have been utilized.


Currently, four engineering programs: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are accredited to September 30, 2021 .  Meanwhile, KFU is seeking NCAAA Accreditation and the college is taking leading role in the accreditation efforts in collaboration with other colleges within the university.