E-Learning Unit

Reporting to [Reference]: Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Head of the Unit:   Dr Imran Sabri, MD FRCP Edin, Faculty Member, College of Medicine

Senior Advisory Board:

  1. Dr Fahad Al-Wadaani, Dean College of Medicine
  2. Dr Abdulrahman Al-Mulhim, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs
  3. Dr Naif Al-Hamam, Vice-Dean for Development and Community Participation
  4. Dr Yasser M. Daoud, Department of Surgery


  1. Dr Imran Sabri [Head]
  2. Dr Habeebuddin Shaji Mohammed, Biomedical Sciences
  3. Dr Fathia Omer, Clinical Neurosciences
  4. Dr Salma Taha, Biomedical Sciences
  5. Dr Sujatha Tejavat, Biomedical Sciences

Support Staff:

  1. Mr Mubarak Mohammed, IT Tech, College of Medicine

  2. Mr Ryan Pagente