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Welcome to the site of the Faculty of Medicine at King Faisal University in Ahsa, and hope you like it.The College seeks to achieve its vision and mission through research, teaching, learning, clinical care, exploring more knowledge and treatment of community diseases, and making pioneering and innovative progress in the education and training of physicians. We believe in the importance of development and modernization. We work in a team spirit to review and develop the current study plan and to develop an ambitious academic plan in response to the requirements of local and international accreditation in line with the requirements of the modern age.

The College is currently working closely with the national, regional and international academic and health faculties for its academic excellence in scientific and medical discoveries. It aims at attracting high quality faculty members from all Arab and foreign countries who have the necessary expertise and knowledge to create an environment conducive to teaching and learning and to research that ensures the success of students in the practical and theoretical fields and to ensure graduates' ability to enter the labor market And capable.


            The College has taken the wheel of development and modernization, and constantly seeks excellence, leadership and creativity by adopting the criteria for self-evaluation of the National Commission for Accreditation, Academic Evaluation and International Standards for its educational and training programs as control tools on the quality and quality of academic, administrative and clinical services. And internationally, under the continuous and continuous support of the senior management of the University represented by His Excellency  Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Ohali, the University's Director and Excellencies the University's agents under shadow The banner of the wise government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Dr Fahad bin Abdullah Alwadaani


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