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  Dr. Amna Asif
Job Title: Assistant Professor
Office Phone Number: 135899259
E-mail : aarkhan@kfu.edu.sa
Department : Information Systems
Office Number : IS 2090
Qualification: PhD
Professional Association: ACM membership
Professional Certificates:  
Research Area: Human Computer Interaction
Information Retrieval
Research Projects: DFG Funded Automotive User Interfaces
Projects Under Supervision:  
Courses Taught at KFU: Fundamentals to Programming
Human Computer Interaction
Publication: [1] Amna Asif, Wilko Heuten, and Susanne Boll, Right or Left: Tactile Display for Route
Guidance of Drivers, In the periodical: it Information Technology by Oldenbourg
Wissenschaftsverlag GmbH, 2012
[2] Amna Asif, Susanne Boll, Wilko Heuten, Feel Your Route: A Tactile Display for Car
Navigation, IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, July‐Sept Issue, 2011
[3] Amna Asif, Wilko Heuten,Susanne Boll, Exploring Distance Encodings with a Tactile
Display to Convey Turn by Turn Information in Automobiles, Proceedings of
NordiCHI, Reykjavik, Iceland, October, 2010.
[4] Amna Asif,Susanne Boll, Where to turn my car? Comparison of a Tactile Display
and a Conventional Car Navigation System under High Load Condition, Proceedings
of AutomotiveUI, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, November, 2010.
[5] Amna Asif, Wilko Heuten,Susanne Boll, Acceptance of Tactile Belts for Directional
Information Representation in Automobiles, Adjunct proceedings of AutomotiveUI,
Essen, Germany, September, 2009
[6] Martin Pielot, Dirk Ahlers, Amna Asif, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll, Applying Tactile
Displays to Automotive User Interfaces, Proceedings of the Workshop on
Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Applications (AUIIA) 2008, Lbeck,
Germany, September 7, 2008.
[7] Amna Asif, Image search model for scientific documents, M.Phil thesis, Quaid‐IAzam
University, 2008
[8] Amna Asif, Publication chair, AutomotiveUI10, 2010.
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