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  Dr. Asrar Ul Haque
Job Title: Assistant Professor
Office Phone Number: 135898145
E-mail : ahaque@kfu.edu.sa
Department : Computer Science
Office Number : CS 2095
Qualification: PhD
Professional Association:  
Professional Certificates:  
Research Area: Swarm Intelligence, Wireless and Sensor Network, Peer to Peer Networks, Distributed Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization
Research Projects: King Faisal University, Project title: “Peak Load Reduction by Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimized Smart Meters”, PI. 2014
• King Faisal University, Project title: “Interpolated Particle Swarm Optimization for Microstrip Antenna Design”, PI. 2013
• King Faisal University, Project title: “Design and Development of Large Gathering and Energy Management System”, PI. 2012
• King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), “Design and Simulate a  Deployable Camel-Vehicle Accident Avoidance System”. Co-PI, 2010-2012
• King Faisal University, Project title: “Design and Simulate Web-Service Discovery Technology based on Peer-to-Peer Paradigm.” Co-PI , 2010
Projects Under Supervision: o HRS (Health Record System): A web-based system designed to minimize the complications of maintaining complete health record of a patient, transferring patient’s records between hospitals, and accessing the health history of a patient in case of emergencies
o DHA (Digital Health Assistance): A mobile application to track of personal health record and to alert patients about the medicines they are supposed take
o GPP (Graduation Project Portal): A web-based system designed to facilitate students, supervisors, evaluators and college management in handling graduation projects
o CAT (Course Assessment Tool): A web-based system designed to help faculty members in generating assessment reports using rubrics
Courses Taught at KFU: CS 630: Principles of Distributed Computing
CS 611: Advanced Algorithms
CS 425: Mobile Applications Programming
CS 424: Advanced Operating Systems
CS 421: Selected Topics in CS
 IS 421: Selected Topics in IS
CS 420: Project Implementation
CS 412: Mobile Computing
CS 411: Artificial Intelligence
CS 410: Project Proposal
CS 311: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 221: Operating Systems
CS 220: Object Oriented Programming
CS 110: Introduction to Computing
Publication: Javed I Khan and Asrar U Haque, An Active Programmable Harness for Measurement of Composite Network States, IEEE Networking Conference, ICN 2001, Colmer, France, July 2001
• Javed I Khan and Asrar U Haque, Maximizing Lifetime of Power Limited Network with Active Minimum Spanning Tree Aggregation, Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, PDCS 2004, MIT, Cambridge, USA, November 2004
• Javed I Khan and Asrar U Haque, Computing with Data non-Determinism: Wait Time Management for Peer-to-Peer Systems, Journal for Foundation of Peer-to-Peer Systems in Computer Communication, 2007.
• Khaled Ragab, Asrar U. Haque, and Mohammed Zahrani, Wait Time Management for Efficient Web Service Discovery Service with P2P Architecture, 10th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 25-27 Sept. 2008 HPCC 2008.
• Khaled Ragab, Asrar U. Haque, A Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm for Efficient P2P Video Streaming System, 12th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, 07 Feb - 10 Feb 2010.
• Zahrani, M.S., K. Ragab and A. Ul Haque, 2011. “Camel-Vehicle Accidents Mitigation System: Design and Survey”, ITSA 2011, International Workshop on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Applications, June 28-30, 2011, Loutraki, Greece.
• Zahrani, M.S., K. Ragab and A. Ul Haque, 2011. Design of GPS-based system to avoid camel-vehicle collisions: A review,  Asian J. Applied Sci., 4: 362-377.
• Asrar U. Haque, Javed I. Khan, Cascading Multi-way Bounded Wait Timer Management for Moody and Autonomous Systems, ICA3PP. Melbourne, Australia. 2011.
• Khaled Rajab, Mohammed Zahrani and Asrar Ul Haque, GPS-Based Camel-Vehicle Accidents Avoidance System: Designing, Deploying and Testing, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, vol 9, no 7, July  2013, H Index 34.
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