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King Faisal University

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology

 (CCSIT) Innovation and Research Showcase

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    CIRS Mission
    Enable students to build innovative and next generations’ remarkable projects, provide best opportunities and support to CCSIT students for their learning through making.

    CIRS Vision
    Our strategic intent is to achieve scientific distinction while strengthening local relevance as we strengthen our
    Computer Science programs with excellence and become recognized as the leading Computer Science Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    CIRS Brief


    CIRS stands for CCSIT Innovation and Research Showcase. CIRS Lab will serve College of Computer Science & Information Technology (CCSIT) college community in several ways to college students as well as college faculty members. It is dedicated for (CCSIT) college students and faculty members. It will provide a scientific platform for both,




    where the extra ordinary achievements of CCSIT family members can be placed, shared and appreciated. Furthermore, students will have excellent opportunity to learn and develop through implementing innovative ideas and cutting edge technology including Robotics, Lego Mindstorms, Arduino, Sensors etc.