Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


 Post Graduate Committee



Post Graduate Committee


Dr. Khalid Rajab




Dr. Kashif Rajpoot
Dr. Qazi Mudassar Ilyas
Dr. Amna Asif
Dr. Iram Fatima

Expected Committee Tasks

Mandatory Tasks

1.       Prepare a comprehensive plan for postgraduate program

2.       Prepare a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for postgraduate program

3.       Launch a Master’s Program as per national and international standards

4.       Describe attractive  marketing strategies for postgraduate program

5.       Schedule postgraduate program

6.       Ensure about the availability of necessary resources required for postgraduate program

7.       Strictly apply the regulations & formalities of postgraduate program

8.      Define a proper mechanism to assign supervisors to postgraduate students

Regular Tasks

1.      Make strategies for a successful launch of postgraduate program

2.      Follow-up for all assigned assignments to committee members

3.      Maintain the documentation as per the plan

Suggested Tasks

1.      Prepare an online portal containing information regarding postgraduate students.