Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


 Curriculum Committee


Academic Affairs Committee


Dr. Fahad bin Muhammad Al-Humaidan


Dr. Sadia Aziz
Mr. Marwan Elhaj
Ms. Sharmila Sheikh Imam

Expected Committee Tasks

Mandatory Tasks

1.       Prepare an early comprehensive plan for scheduling all necessary academic affairs (e.g. time table, course add / drop etc.)

2.       Identify and review emerging academic issues

3.       Discuss academic priorities for the agenda in the year ahead

4.       Plan for ad hoc assignments pertaining to academic affairs

5.       Support policies that help faculty in the performance of their duties

6.       Formulate policies pertaining to students’ enrollment

7.       Assist in faculty development and other faculty priorities

8.       Provide a functional role to reward / appraise the talented students in academics

Regular Tasks

1.       Oversee all activities that support the academic mission of the College

2.       Sustain alignment between academic missions of College and University

3.       Establish collaborative relationships between academic affairs and student affairs

Suggested Tasks

1.       Oversee strategic academic planning

2.       Provide support and professional development opportunities for individuals

3.       Interact with faculty from all disciplines to promote comprehensive student development