Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


 Co-op Training Committee


Co-op Training Committee


Dr. Abdulla M. Al-Muhaideb


Dr. Misbahulddin Basheer

Dr. Nasser Dardas

Dr. Sonia Gul

Mr. Ahmed Al-Jugaiman

Mr. Muhammed Al-Duniawi

Ms. Fatima Rajina

Expected Committee Tasks

Mandatory Tasks

1.       Prepare a comprehensive co-op training plan to enhance the performance of students

2.       Revise student and corporate sector related forms and make them more meaningful

3.       To arrange Co-Op Trainings availability for students within relevant industry

4.       Maintain a database of well-known professional organizations for co-op training

5.       Assist students by engaging them timely with their desired organizations

6.       To make a liaison between university and industry, to get feedback for the improvement of college curriculum

7.       Enable the students to acquire new industrial knowledge & skills

8.       To collect the feedback, evaluation, different findings from industry & corporate culture

9.       Improve students opportunities in relevant industry based on students major

10.   Prepare a clear ranking of industry on the basis of corporate standard for assigning to students

11.   Explore new corporate locations within different cities nationwide to allow student to join with broader spectrum    

12.   Study students needs and ensure required pre training essentials for students to get full advantage of co-op training

Regular Tasks

1.       Announce the companies which are providing co-op training to the students

2.       Bridge a communication channel between students & industry

3.       Keep in touch with the industry and develop an industrial liaison team to enhance the new opportunities of co-op training

4.       Provide student counseling to choose best fit co-op training program

Suggested Tasks

1.       Provide an online portal for the announcement of most suitable co-op trainings

2.       Maintain a proper documentation as per co-op training plan

3.       Ensure the availability of required data to any other committee