Tuesday 10/03/1442 - 27/10/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


 Text Book Committee


Text Book Committee


Dr. Abdulnour Bonsiar


Dr. Yaser Fuda

Mr. Muneer Ahmed

Ms. Saira Sheikh Ali

Expected Committee Tasks

Mandatory Tasks

1.       Prepare yearly comprehensive plan for text book committee

2.       Check the availability of texts books in college library

3.       Ensure that a sufficient number of all course books are available within college library before the start of each semester

4.       Forward recommendations for course books replacements with state-of-the-art books to curriculum committee and administration

5.       Follow up the borrowing books list and update the college

6.       Updating the college with online resources


Regular Tasks

1.       Circulate a message among faculty members to inquire from them for any suggestions or needs about the course books (both textbooks and reference books)

2.       Set a list of courses for which periodical changes (for example each 5 years) are required

3.       Maintain the documentation as per plan

4.       Provide e-access to e-books to student and faculty members


Suggested Tasks

1.       Propose recommendations about scientific books arrangement in the library and about implementing a software for books searching inside the library

2.       Ensure the efficiency of the book hiring system so far implemented and propose new recommendations for improvement and better arrangement

3.      Committee can be affiliated with famous publishers and can request complimentary copies