Wednesday 11/03/1442 - 28/10/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


 Laboratory Committee


Laboratory Committee


Mr. Naveed Rasul


Mr. Asad Tariq

Mr. Zahid Qaisar

Ms. Razia Sahar

Ms. Sharmilla Imam

Ms. Ramiza Abdulgafour

Expected Committee Tasks

Mandatory Tasks

1.       Prepare a comprehensive semester-wise plan for laboratory committee

2.       Ensure availability of lab manuals for each laboratory by preparing it as per ABET standards

3.       Ensure the availability of lab safety rules with each laboratory as per ABET standards

4.       Ensure the proper installation of required software requested by any faculty member

5.       Suggest a mechanism for the maintenance of laboratories

6.       Study different companies offer and delivering  technical opinions about it

7.       Suggest some techniques and solutions for preserving the laboratories

8.      Maintain laboratories technically, by ensuring required software availability specially at the start of each semester

Regular Tasks

1.       Review of the labs in terms of hardware and software’s

2.       Follow up the status of implementation of software’s & hardware with lab  technical staff

3.       Maintain documentation as per lab committee comprehensive plan

4.       Request for the purchase of software’s/hardware’s required by faculty members through proper channel

5.      Periodically contact faculty members to inquire about any required software’s in the lab

Suggested Tasks

1.       Committee can make an information portal, which keeps faculty and students updated about available software within the lab

2.       Specify the labs according to particular software/hardware’s

3.      Prepare laboratory hand book which contain introductory information about all available labs in the college .