Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


 Graduation Project Committee


Graduation Project Committee


Dr. Fawaz w. Al-Saedi





Dr. Asrar Ul Haque

Dr. Maruf Hasan

Dr. Qazi Mudassir

Dr. Abdulnour Bonsiar

Dr. Saqib Chaudhry

Mr. Naveed Rasul

Expected Committee Tasks

Mandatory Tasks

1.       Prepare a comprehensive plan for graduation projects

2.       Review existing graduate procedures, polices and Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)  for Graduate Projects

3.       Assist the students in selection of graduation projects and adopt a follow-up procedure for successful completion of projects

4.       Provide a schedule of faculty panels to conduct evaluation of projects

5.       Provide all necessary help and support to students and faculty for graduation projects

6.       Ensure the scientific level / quality of projects

7.       Ensure the necessary industrial visit to students and faculty for tangible achievement in graduation projects

8.       Assist in bridging between project groups working over multidisciplinary project areas

9.       Motivate the students and faculty to select industrial / scientific projects by providing them novel ideas

10.   Ensure a uniform evaluation of student projects (for different project groups) 

Regular Tasks

1.       Maintain the focus and interest of students in successful completion of projects

2.       Motivate the students for continuous industry visits during project cycle (if required)

3.       Conduct follow-up meetings between students and faculty for proper check and balance of project work

4.       Maintain documentation for project cycle (performance with timeline)

5.       Provide continuous financial, administrative help & guidance to students

Suggested Tasks

1.       Invite students and faculty to discuss issues being faced in any project completion (if required)

2.       Invite professional people from industry to evaluate students’ projects

3.       Ensure project’s timeline with students’ supervisor