Tuesday 05/02/1442 - 22/09/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology



COOP Registration Requirements


The student who wish to register in COOP training for the next summer must check his/her eligibility to register by meeting the following requirements:

1-   The student must have passed at least 85 credit hours by the end of the academic year prior to the COOP training.

2-   The student must have passed the following courses according to his/her major:

Information Systems (CIS)

Computer Science (CS)

Computer Network (CN)

System Analysis & Design I    

Technical Reports

System Administration

Web-Based Systems                   

Object Oriented Programming II

Telecommunication Networks


Software Engineering

Computer System Security


Database Concepts & Design

Mobile and Wireless Networks


Web-based Systems



3-   The student must not register any other course during the COOP training period.