King Faisal University

College of Education

Vice Dean of the College of Education for Academic Affairs

Dr.. Hussam bin Khalifa Al-Dosari
King faisal university

academic affairs
Hello and welcome to the College of Education. We wish you success and excellence during your studies at the College.

Vice Deanship of the Academy’s Professional College / Dr. Hussam bin Khalifa Al-Dosari.
Honoring His Excellency the President of the University for the Academic Affairs Committee

Rules and Regulations
1-Academic guidance for a student
2-Excused absence form for a student
3-Course withdrawal form
4-Request to specify a specialization
5-The system of the Council of Higher Education and Universities and its regulations
6-A return request form for a student who has dropped out of school
7-Visitor study application form
8-Student disciplinary regulations
9-Decision equation model

Academic Programs:
Old academic program plans
Physical Education Department Plan
Physical Education Department course requirements

Plans for new academic programs
1-Physical Education Department plan
2-Special education department plan
3-Kindergarten section plan
4-Art Education Department plan
5-Computer education program plan

15 faculties
19 Management
45 Bachelor Programs
2121 University Professor
10 Supporting Deanships
13 scientific and research centers
80 Graduate Programs
1564 administrative and technical employees
90081 students
Bachelor's and Diploma Students-Regularity 35237
Bachelor's and Diploma Students-Affiliation 50564
Graduate students 4280