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My brother, a graduate student, my sister, a graduate student, you are the focus and purpose of the educational process in graduate studies programs, and therefore the College of Education, represented by the College’s Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, provides you with academic support through this electronic page, which contains a lot of information that supports you academically and scientifically since your enrollment. in graduate studies programs until the completion of the graduation project or dissertation until we get you to the path of success and obtaining the desired degree, so make it a reference in your hands to refer to in everything you face in your academic career.
Scientific guidance is one of the tasks that the College of Education bears. It is a complete system that supports graduate students in learning about the college’s academic systems, and the fields and opportunities it provides to help male and female graduate students choose specializations that suit their abilities and potentials, and match their inclinations and desires, as well as assisting them. To proceed with the academic program in the best possible way, and to overcome the obstacles they encounter, taking full advantage of the services and capabilities provided by the college and university.
The college has provided an academic advisor for every male and female student who has enrolled in various postgraduate programs, whether (diploma, master’s, or doctorate), to provide academic and personal support.
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The nature of scientific guidance:
It is a continuous and regular process that begins from the moment the student enrolls in graduate studies, in which cognitive and awareness support is provided
The regulations governing university studies at the college and providing advice and suggestions on organizing academic courses and developing skills
Cognitive and personal, and providing solutions to the academic problems facing male and female students in their research career,
This process is based on the quality of the proposal, the quality of planning, the quality of guidance, and the quality of assistance.

the quality

Scientific guidance is an activity carried out by faculty members with the aim of helping students overcome the academic obstacles they face during the university stage, as well as introducing them to university rules and regulations.

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Scientific guidance according to the unified regulations for postgraduate studies:
Article Forty-One (p. 261)
Every graduate student will have a scientific advisor at the beginning of his enrollment in the program to guide him in his studies and assist him in choosing the topic of the dissertation and preparing the research plan in accordance with the rules approved by the University Council based on the recommendation of the Council of the Deanship of Graduate Studies.
Duties of the scientific advisor:
1- Providing graduate students with contact information (email - phone - office phone - office number).
2- Providing graduate students with study plans and other program requirements and ensuring that the study plan is fully understood.
3- Providing graduate students with the timetable (academic calendar) and introducing them to it.
4- Assisting graduate students in implementing their study plans, including choosing courses, and alleviating the potential consequences of academic decisions, such as adding a course or withdrawing from a course.
5- Helping graduate students follow up and evaluate scientific progress using the banner system.
6- Helping him choose the topic of the dissertation and preparing the research plan in accordance with the rules approved by the University Council.
Mechanism for solving academic problems for graduate students
Vice Dean of the College for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
Department coordinator
Graduate Studies Committee Coordinator or Program Supervisor
Academic advisor

Contact numbers and information for supervisors of graduate programs at the College of Education

Program nameName of the department to which the program belongsName of the program supervisorMailWhatsApp
Doctor of Gifted EducationSpecial EducationDr.. Abdul Hamid bin Abdullah Al
Master's degree in Gifted Education
Master's degree in special education
Master's degree in Guidance and Psychological CounselingEducation and psychologyDr.. Abdul Hamid Ahmed
Diploma in student guidance and counselling
Higher Diploma in Family Counseling
Master of Education, specializing in ManagementEducational leadershipDr. Abdullah bin Muhammad
Master's degree in Educational TechnologiesCurriculum and InstructionDr.. Ibrahim Youssef
Master of Art EducationArt educationDr.. Muhammad Abdul Latif
Master of Physical Educationphysical educationDr.. Muhammad bin Shaab
Master's degree in Early Childhood EducationKindergartenDr.. Maha Saad

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