King Faisal University

College of Education

Dean of the College of Education
Dr.. Muhammad bin Saeed Al-Arji Al-Qahtani

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and may blessings and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers, our master Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.
The College of Education at King Faisal University is one of the first educational colleges at the national level. It was founded four decades ago. During that period, it contributed to qualifying thousands of male and female students to work in public and higher education institutions. They played a major role in achieving development and building generations that contribute to advancing The wheel of growth and development.
The College of Education is also the first humanities college at King Faisal University to be established, and this feature confirms the university administration’s awareness of the importance of the College of Education since its establishment in developing the educational community and providing it with studies, research, and qualified human cadres and contributing to the service of society and the nation.
The college’s work team focuses in its development work on achieving the Kingdom’s ambitious 2030 vision, and its three axes, which are building a vibrant society, achieving a prosperous economy, and an ambitious nation. In an integrated and coordinated manner, existing programs are reviewed and developed and new programs are created that achieve the aspirations of the honorable leadership’s vision. The aspirations of the noble leadership are also taken into account. The Ministry of Education by ensuring that educational programs are aligned with development needs, and preparing a responsible citizen who contributes to achieving sustainable development for his country, taking into account the institutional identity of King Faisal University.
We also aim for the College of Education at King Faisal University to be a national and regional house of expertise in preparing and qualifying educational cadres, and to contribute to building, evaluating and developing educational curricula for public and higher education institutions, and for its outputs to be competitive and highly effective.
The focus will be on developing and improving educational programs to ensure excellence in teaching and learning, and working on qualitative knowledge production, by encouraging the productivity of faculty members and graduate students. Expanding community partnership programs with institutions interested in education, at the governmental, private, and third sector levels, and working to implement many initiatives that enhance the developmental role of the College of Education in achieving the aspirations of our honorable leadership - may God protect them for the future of our dear homeland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. God bless.