About Mathematics and Statistics Department
Mathematics Department is one of the main departments of the Faculty of Science since its establishment in 1423 AH corresponding to 2002 AD. The department was founded in 1400H corresponding to 1980 AD when it was one of the scientific departments in the Faculty of Education in the university where its study plan aimed at qualifying graduates to work in the education sector. By joining the department to the Faculty of Science, the study plan was changed to be compatible with the mission of the Faculty of Science and aimed at preparing high-quality scientific cadres possessing skill and logic in dealing with scientific issues and qualifying graduates to work in the field of scientific research and in education, banking, accounting and insurance sectors.
The division provides the following two programs:
  1. Bachelor's degree in Mathematics where the graduate holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics after completing 128 credits.
  2. Master's program in mathematics, which began in the academic year of 1420-1421 AH corresponding to 2000 AD and the duration of study is six semesters then the graduate gets a master's degree in mathematics after finishing 42 units or 24 units with a thesis. The division includes a number of faculty members in various disciplines in the field of mathematics in addition to a number of assistant teachers (males/females) and also there are computer labs in the Department.