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King Faisal University

College of Veterinary Medicine

Message from The Dean

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our prophet Mohammad and his family and companions

,,,Dear visitor

On the behalf of College of Veterinary Medicine at King Faisal University, I extend a very warm welcome to all visitors of our college web site that is dedicated to presents a brief definition of the college - its objectives and mission in the service of society and brief overview of the scientific departments and research centers of the College
The rapid qualitative transformations witnessed by our Kingdom in various scientific, technical and economic development fields necessitate re-defining priorities and developing our educational, scientific, professional goals and policies to comply with these constructive changes and be in-line with their objectives

Accordingly, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine dedicates its full scientific and professional potential to bring the veterinary profession to an outstanding position among top leading resources contributing to the national economy; providing a major boost to local food security in line with the blessed vision 2030

Embodying the "One Health" concept, the Faculty aims to strengthen the pivotal role of veterinarians in the protection of public health as the first line of defense for human health protecting the society against diseases and to ensure food safety.

In this regard, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at King Faisal University is the only college in the Arab Gulf region which since its foundation in 1395 H, has provided the local and regional community with scientifically and professionally qualified veterinarians to work in various fields of animal health

On the academic level, the College of Veterinary Medicine as part of the educational system of King Faisal University is looking forward to achieving leadership and excellence in education, adopting international quality systems to ensure high level graduates that are scientifically and professionally adapted to the development of local and regional labor market requirements

Oriented to that development and modernization are the backbone of success and excellence of academic work, the College of Veterinary Medicine objective is to adopt a new curriculum in line with international standards and enhances the role of the college in the service of society. Furthermore, promoting for gender equal education and broadening the opportunity for female participation; the college moving forward encouraging admission of female students as the first Veterinary Medicine College in KSA and Arab gulf area to do that in decades

The College also aspires to achieve its vision promoting scientific research to find solutions to the problems relevant to the local community as well as to extend the bridges of scientific and research cooperation with many Arab and international universities as well as various private sector institutions

Dean of the College

Dr Naser AL Humam