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College of Arts

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​Dean's speech
The College of Arts is considered the largest and oldest college of arts in the Eastern Province and one of the first colleges in the region to teach humanities and language studies programs for male and female students. The college is also the largest college in the university in terms of the number of students and faculty members. The College of Arts is full of multiple features, the most important of which is preserving the identity of Saudi society in accordance with the Holy Qur’an and the purified Sunnah of the Prophet, while paying attention to the Arabic language and the heritage of this pure country.

The college was established in the year (1429 AH) through the restructuring of the College of Education, which included the Teachers College and the Girls Colleges. The college includes six academic departments: the Department of Islamic Studies, the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, the Department of English Language, and the Department of Social Studies (which includes four different programs: history, geography, geographic information systems, sociology, social service, and tourism and hospitality). The college updated its study plans in all academic programs and launched it in its new form in the year 1438 AH, keeping pace with global developments, as reference comparisons were made with the best international universities in the field of specialization, in addition to conducting a study of the labor market for each specialization when designing the plans.

The college aims to contribute directly to the university’s strategic plan 2020-2024 and its identity aspirations through the continuous development of scientific programs to ensure obtaining the best educational outcomes and raise the level of competitiveness by striving to achieve program accreditations by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission. The college also seeks to work diligently to increase the faculty members’ balance of solid scientific research published in journals classified in ISI and Scopus.The college also pays great attention to enriching community partnership activities and is keen to maximize its benefit from the opportunities available to it in this field. In addition to enhancing students’ abilities to differentiate themselves in their university experience that fulfills their aspirations. In conclusion, the college has automated the services provided to students and faculty members to ensure the best performance, asking God Almighty for success and payment.