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Midterm exams schedule for the second semester 1442-1443
 (University Blackboard requirements)
*Schedule of midterm exams for the second semester for university requirements
*Examination halls and columns
*Examination locations (female students)
*Examination locations (students)

Final exams schedule - second semester 1442-1443 AH
(College and major requirements)
*Final exams schedule for the second semester 1442
*Examination halls (for the second semester 1442-1443)
*(Coming soon) List of acceptable excuses to repeat for the final test

Schedule of final exams for the second semester 1442 and distribution of female students’ halls
First day
the second day
the third day
the fourth day
The fifth day
the sixth day
the seventh day
the eighth day
the nine day
The tenth day
the eleven day
The twelfth day
The thirteen day

Schedule of final exams for the second academic semester 1442 and distribution of halls (general preparation female students)
Exam halls for general preparation students
Link to services for receiving excuses for absence from final exams (male and female students)
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*University final requirements exam schedule (Blackboard) for the first semester 1442-1443
Schedule of final exams for university requirements courses for all male and female students of university colleges for the first semester of the university year
1443/1442 AH
 timeGregorian dateIslamic Historythe dayCourse NameCourse numberno
From 9 to 11 am
From 12 to 2 pm
20/12/202116/5/1443MondayMedication: type and use19001121
Islamic ethics and professional ethics19001032
From 9 to 11 am
From 12 to 2 pm
21/12/202117/5/1443TuesdayResearch skills19001103
Social discipline and family behavior19001074
The social system in Islam7401401
From 9 to 11 am22/12/202118/5/1443WednesdayDoctrine and doctrines19001015
Islamic faith and doctrines7401101
From 9 to 11 am23/12/202119/5/1443ThursdayIslamic culture19001026
contemporary issues7401301
From 12 to 2 pmBasics of entrepreneurship0602-2337

General instructions for each student before entering the examination hall
You must wear the official uniform for every test. If you do not do so, you will not be allowed to enter the test.
You must bring your national ID/university card for verification. Failure to do so will not allow you to enter the selection. You must arrive 20 minutes before selection
The test time is only two hours
Adhere to the instructions for filling out the answer sheet.
Restriction to a place
The test date announced by the college.
Adherence to precautionary measures