King Faisal University

College of Applied - in Abqaiq

Schedule of final exams for the first semester 1442-1443 of the Applied College (Abqaiq Branch)
Course NameCourse numberPeriodthe day
The health system in the Kingdom2801-284The firstMonday
Accounting principles2801-1618:30-10:0012/20-05/16
Scientific cases in the field of human resources2801-254the second
Intensive English2802-100The firstTuesday
English (2) Human language2802-250the second12/12
English (2) Secretarial2802-25210.30-12:0017/05
Principles of administration2801-151The firstWednesday
Culture and organizational behavior2801-1528:30-10:0012/22
Preparing and designing the wages and incentives system2801-184the second18/05
Practical applications in secretarial10.30-12:00 
Computer and information technology2803-100The firstThursday
Introduction to financial management2801-3918:30-10:0012/23
Word processing and medical transcription-1the second19/05
English (1) human language2802-150The firstSunday
English (1) Secretarial2802-1518:30-10:0026/12
Selected topics in human resource management E2801-155the second22/05
Classification and indexing system2801-38310.30-12:00 
Basics of mathematics2804-100The firstMonday
Methods of job analysis and classification2801-2548:30-10:0027/12
Health information systems2801-382the second05/23
Principles of Economics2801-166The firstTuesday
Health Services Administration2801-1848:30-10:0028/12
Word processing and medical transcription-22801-281the second05/24
Computer applications in human resources2801-35210.30-12:00 
Administrative communication skills2801-100The firstWednesday
Advanced medical terminology E2801-3818:30-10:0029/12
Human resources planning2801-251the second05/25
Health and public relations2801-38510.30-12:00 
Human Resource Management2801-152The firstThursday
Principles of secretarial and office management2801-1838:30-10:0030/12
medical reports2801-283the second05/26
Developing the skills of a human resources specialist2801-25110.30-12:00 
Statistics in management2801-171The firstSunday
Labor and insurance system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia2801-182the second29/05
Labor and workers system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia2801-25310.30-12:00 
Computer applications in secretarial2803-301The firstMonday