In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Praise to Allah, Prayers and Peace upon His most e Prophet and Messenger honorable Prophet and Messenger

The deanship of admission and registration in King Faisal’s University is an important one for the university and the society as it is providing great services to the University of administrative, technical and electronic work inside and outside. It also provides electronic services to facilitate things for students and reviewers. The deanship is a frontier of the university as it meets with the public and facilitates things for them during the admission and registration periods. It is connected with the student from the beginning of his or her university life and continues following them academically in coordination with the college he or she studies at, and overcoming as much obstacles as possible in their way till they graduate armed with science to contribute in building their home country with what they had of sciences and skills during their university education.

As the deanship of admission and registration is important for the students it provided the protective information about the university, its colleges, its specialties and its admission terms, introducing them to the necessary rules and regulations with they need during their studying as the systems of studying, exams, awards and others. The deanship also communicates with the secondary schools by visiting them in the schools or their visits to the building of the deanship of the admission and registration to illustrate and provide them with the updates of admission and the annual manual of admission to distribute them on the students while they are in the secondary schools. The deanship of admission and registration is always following the recent developments in the admission and registration procedures and cope with the modern technological developments that contributes in the improvement of the work mechanism, accomplishing the tasks, simplifying the procedures, and converting towards the electronic work environment according to the directions of the wise leadership to apply the concept of the electronic government. The deanship of admission and registration was also concerned with the academic system that is the biggest and most important of the university systems that are the neediest of modernization and development in terms of establishing programs, maintaining or modifying them according to the academic changes within the university. The deanship cooperated with the deanship of information technology in executing several technical requirements that facilitates things for students like establishing an electronic application system for admission, a recording machine system and other electronic services, also the graduation of students, finishing the university quitting procedures and identification letters and other services. The deanship of admission and registration contributes in providing electronic services to the teaching board such as getting the classes schedules, students’ lists, entering scores, and others.

The deanship is keen to provide the best electronic services for the university and the society, these electronic services are done in coordination with the deanship of information technology to benefit from the modern technologies in order to facilitate the operation to help the academic system of the university. The deanship is modernizing its advanced computers that cope with the last updated modern technology and connecting them to the personnel of the deanship which participated significantly in the development of the employees and the deanship performance and assisted them in the speed of the work achievement facilitation. The deanship always aims to benefit from the modern technologies to facilitate things for the students as a noble and important purpose in its work and also for the teaching board in the university.

We wish success,,,

The Dean of Admission and Registration
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