General controls for direct meetings

Hold virtual direct meetings of the course (meetings for students and meetings for students) taking into account the following:

• Commitment to direct virtual meetings and according to the number determined by the Deanship to cover the requirements of teaching the course.

• Adherence to the dates of virtual meetings of the course and according to the schedule set by the Deanship during the semester.

• Attend the live meeting until the end of his time (even if no one of the students), and provide a comprehensive review of the lectures that precede the direct meeting.

• Ask questions and topics that enrich the course and contribute to increasing student achievement and answer their inquiries.

• Explain the mechanism / method of testing with the possibility of discussing some of the previous questions to clarify the nature and method of questions.

• Avoid talking or referring to political or security issues or any subject not related to the content of the course.