Effective use of technology in the development and improvement of teaching training and learning process.


Improvement and development of the educational process at the university through the establishment of an integrated learning environment using technology through e-learning and e-learning management at the university in the form that corresponds to the university's policy in this area, which will support scientific and academic status, and contribute to the development of faculty skills the staff and students in the use of modern technology in education to have graduated a generation of self-reliance, and providing them with the ability to contact and cooperation, planning, and analysis to solve different problems towards a strong knowledge-based economy.

Deanship Objectives

  • Fully supervise the implementation of all e-learning and distance learning activities at the university.
  • Implementing the University's initiatives on e-learning and distance education.
  • Outlined targets that the deanship was created for are as follows.
  • Utilizing the university’s huge technical potential to serve the continuous learning achieving the university’s strategies
  • Giving opportunities for those who cannot make it university’s Regular Education for any practical reason (place, time) to continue their education.
  • Reducing the cost of Educational resources.
  • Rising the Admission and capacity ratio of high school graduates.
  • Raising the level of technical awareness among the members of society and to motivate them to increase the educational achievements.
  • Develop and design appropriate courses electronically cooperating with the competent scientific departments and spreading the culture of education technology
  • Provide training and technical support to develop the technical skills of faculty members and students
  • Increase the effectiveness of communication and bridge the gap between teacher and student and among students themselves.

The target groups of the Deanship of e-learning

Deanship is Targeting primarily three major categories:

  1. Students: they are the product that provides the whole society in which the university is gaining its reputation and status. للعمادة will focus on this category both students who learn inside the campus, or students who learn without being inside the campus, distance education).
  2. The members of the teaching staff: Understanding producers and manufacturers who use their creativity and the tools provided by the university and techniques and regulations of the e-learning for the production of educational materials and high-quality commensurate with the reputation and prestige of the University scientific between students and members of the community.
  3. Community: through the development of educational and awareness programs based on the technology and provide training programs check during which the university towards the community in addition to providing technical and management consulting services in this area.


It is a system that allows for a faculty member to build integrated electronic courses , and provides an easy way to manage these courses and follow-up e-learning process. Developed learning provide advance services for recording lectures in all its activities and made available to students at all smart devices iPad - Tablet - iPhone - mobile which can be browsed and viewed using the Internet without time and space limitations.


This system allows the instructor to meet with his students directly through the Internet to view educational content in all its forms sound and image, receive student questions, and answer them, as this system allows for all interactions traditional classroom activities electronically.


This system allows the professor scheduled recording lectures in all its activities and observations of all kinds in electronic and scheduling, classification and linking them with the management of educational materials system. To allow students to return to lectures and attend at anytime and anywhere, and download these lectures and stored on their own computers and on mobile devices and iPod


This system is used for the purposes of E-Authoring and scheduling courses and electronical storing it this program is easy to use, and provides users and with a creative environment to produce a comprehensive educational content rich in various educational methods that will increase the effectiveness of educational content. Moreover, allows the addition of images, audio, video, and all the multimedia that can be used.


The University is holding final exams at the University Campus in addition to its centers of 146 tests covering the main areas of the Kingdom by the preparation and the presence of students geographically, making it easier on students writing tests in their place of residence without the need to move to the university. It is accredited testing centers (Abqaiq - Abha - Al-Ahsa - Jubail - news - output - Quwaiya - Dalam - spears - Khafji - Dammam - Dawadmi - Rass - Riyadh - Taif - Dhahran - Qatif - Kuwait - bundled - Medina - Nairiyah - Buraydah - Bisha - Tabuk - Afif - Jizan - Jeddah - Hail - Hafr Al-Batin - Khamis Mushayt - Ras Tanura - Arar - Qatar - Mecca - Najran - Safavi - Batha - Jawf - stems - Rafha - Forums - sycophantic - Valley Aldoasr- Baha - Mahayel Asir- Aflaj) .

Exams are conducted under the supervision of Committees-examine centers, which verifies the student's identity before entering, and then Guide to Exam hall that has already been processed by the Committees-examine centers. The committees monitor the progress of the testing process and take the necessary against any violation of the instructions of the test during the exam.

Answer sheets are screened out when arriving to Deanship, sometimes reaching 5 million answer sheets, and are sorted by the specialized committees of 50 members, and the screening stage should be in way ensuring the safety of the answer sheets ,and then moving to the correction stage and performed by university faculty members, and are they patch several modern mechanisms are audited three times to ensure proper monitoring of the student marks , and then the results are approved by the specialized academic committees.

Learning regulations:

When the university introduced the E- learning program. University keen to have Procedures, regulations and practices to be followed in E- learning program are identical with those that apply for Regular Mode students like Admissions (except for years receiving a high school) and Education System (with the exception of attendance).with no age limit

As well as in academic programs, where students receive Affiliation scientific material in the same course content taught by student attendance in the same specialization and are taught by faculty members of the University specialists. The findings are approved by the relevant boards and granted class through the University Council just like regular university students.

To achieve this it was necessary to build an integrated IT infrastructure through which the transfer of information via the World Wide Web with advanced technology in similar learning environment to those of the regular student receives, especially the knowledge offered by the university in this system of education based on theoretical knowledge through direct lectures and recorded and participation and other high-quality.

The teaching is held electronically through E-learning without the need to attend to the university and the final tests are held in the tests specified by the university at the end of each semester centers. Study will be completely through logging in to the famous e-learning platform Blackboard available on the University's website, which allows students the following services:

Deanship importance for the University

After the successes achieved by the start of the E-learning program the university realized that the establishment of the Deanship concerned on e-learning and distance education has become an urgent need to make a quantum leap in university education and elevate it from a traditional system to a sophisticated methods educational system that employs technology to international standards in an environment that simulates what is offered in regular education.

The E-learning Deanship in KFU has been established on 1430H, 2009AD. Providing E-learning sources, training programs and supervision of management and technical support. Preparation and introduction of interactive learning systems that provide simultaneous direct interaction between students and their teachers, Software for the preparation and development of educational materials, and make it available on the web so it can be viewed any place and any time .