PGS Forms

# Title Download
1 Postgraduate Student Personal Information Form
2 Study Plan for Post graduate Student Form
3 Form (A)Suspension of Admission-Suspension of Study-Withdrawal of Study
4 Form Resuming Study Notification
5 Research Proposal Form
6 Rules and regulations that organize the writing and printing of PhD and MA dissertation
7 Form (B) Second Chance Application for Enhancing the GPA
8 Recommendation Letter Form
9 Form Second Chance Application
10 A special form for graduate applicants shows courses of the specialty
11 Follow up of Graduate Students
12 Employer Approval Form
13 Hall Booking Application Form
14 Non- Employed Student Form
15 Academic Warning Form
16 CV Form of the Panel
17 CV Form of the Supervisor team
18 External Examiner Form
19 Student Clearance Form
20 Alumni Information Form
21 Defense Committee Appointment Form
22 Defense Committee Report