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King Faisal University

General Administration of Libraries

Library membership
In the interest of the General Administration of Libraries to achieve the university’s goals towards activating community partnership and spreading information awareness for all segments of society other than those affiliated with the university, the Central Library is pleased to receive membership applications for all segments of society, men and women in various professions and of various ages, starting from the age of eighteen years. .
*Membership benefits
Library membership allows members to benefit from the following benefits:
- Obtaining the membership card for the first time only, whereby entry through the university portal to the central library is authorized.
-Granting a license to borrow books outside the library for a maximum of three books for a period of 15 days, renewable only once after paying the deposit in accordance with the regulations governing the lending process. -Using some library facilities, such as halls and the computer lab, according to the specified times. -Use electronic copying devices and upload the pages to be photocopied onto an electronic medium. -Attending workshops, seminars and training programs organized by the General Administration of Libraries for free and obtaining certificates of attendance.
- Participate in volunteer work and events organized by the General Administration of Libraries and obtain certificates of participation.
-View electronic information sources in the central library.
*Membership fees
Membership in the Central Library provides many benefits that non-university members enjoy after paying the prescribed fees according to the following:
Individuals who are not affiliated with King Faisal University
300 riyals
Individuals who are not affiliated with King Faisal University and who are included in the social security system
100 riyals
User's Manual
Library membership application