The Deanship of Information Technology automates all procedures and services provided by all units of the university to the beneficiaries of students, teaching staffs, employees, and external entities; including the government agencies, the private entities and the general citizens.

Providing services to all beneficiaries in an easy, safe, efficient and sustainable electronic way

Supporting the improvement of information security and technical infrastructure

Integrating of data and systems entering the university

Supporting the transition into a safe and paperless environment

Facilitating the process of networking between the university and other government agencies regarding data exchange

Increasing the

applications’ effective and efficient level which supports business services

Developing the human resources’ professional and technical capabilities

  Based on the best practices and global technical and security standards, the deanship is

working on:

Facilitating the process of improving and modifying the applications according to the changes in the business aspect

Deanship of Information Technology

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