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King Faisal University


The Follow-up department has several roles and responsibilities, some of them are as follows:

1. Carries out the necessary monitoring and investigation procedures in various departments of the University.


2. Conducts random follow-up visit to various entities and units to ensure that they are complying with University policy.


3. Checking complaints related to different violations types which follow-up department already has approval to act on it. Such as administrative violation.

4. Monitoring the regularity of the staff and employees of the university and follow HR procedure once a violation is discovered. 


5. Communicates with the Supervisory Board and investigates all matters relevant matters according to the delegated authority.


6. Working to develop and strengthen the concept of self-control among employees.


7. Organizing follow-up files and information in efficient manners which helps to get extracted easily later on.


8. Provide proposals that will enhance the working environment of the university.