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King Faisal University

Medical Services

This administration provides medical and therapeutic services to all university employees, including male and female students, employees and faculty members, through a medical and time-based program as follows:
- medical services :
The department includes a group of specialized clinics for men and women, which are as follows:
Men's sectionwomen section
Surgery clinicGeneral medicine clinic
Internal Medicine ClinicInternal Medicine Clinic
Dental ClinicDental Clinic
General medicine clinicObstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
-Children's Clinic
Joint clinicssupportive services
Dermatology clinicLaboratory
Eye ClinicX-rays
Ear, Nose and Throat ClinicPharmacy
Diagnostic radiology clinicmedical records
Visiting doctors clinicsnatural therapy
- Procedures required to open a file:
Students: Bring a copy of the university card, or a letter of introduction from the Deanship of Admission and Registration or the college where the student is studying.
Employee: Bring a copy of the job card and a copy of the family card for his family.