Praise be to Allah and prayers and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad and his family and his companions.

Based on our firm belief of the support, care and attention provided by the Saudi officials, the vice-presidency for academic affairs at King Faisal University seeks to achieve the university vision and mission, which consist of excellence in learning and teaching, enrichment of scientific research, and strengthening community engagement, which would create an inspiring educational environment.

The vice-presidency for academic affairs and its affiliated bodies are committed to focus on the three main axes; student, faculty member and academic programs. As we emphasize the need to provide the necessary support for the student and to create a professional environment for faculty members to achieve the maximum benefit and the success of the educational process, which would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning outcomes.

In this regard, the vice presidency for academic affairs is keen to continuously review and update its academic plans and programs, developing the academic and administrative performance, and meeting the requirements of the national commission of academic accreditation and assessment in order to obtain the highest academic standards and upgrade the level of services provided to all employees, that could lead to excellency in learning and teaching process.

Thank You,



Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Abdullah Omar Al-Najjar










Agency staff

Omar bin Abdullah al - Taher

Omar Abdullah Altaher

Director of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • 0135898914

د . ادوين كانسينو

Dr. Edwin Caguioa Cancino

مستشار مكتب وكيل الجامعة للشؤون الأكاديمية
  • 0135899747

د .تيسير الخضور

Tayseer Alkhdour

مستشار مكتب وكيل الجامعة للشؤون الأكاديمية
  • 0135899749

أيمن بن أحمد السدراني

Ayman Ahmed Alsadrani

المشرف على الشؤون الأكاديمية
  • 0135897085

ثامر بن حمد الشردان

Thamer Hamad Alshrdan

سكرتير وكيل الجامعة للشؤون الأكاديمية
  • 0135899896

عبدالعزيز بن عبداللطيف الخليفة

Abdulaziz Abdullatif Al-khalefah

رئيس قسم السريات
  • 0135895529

صالح بن علي العيد

Saleh Ali Al-Eid

رئيس قسم الاتصالات الأدارية
  • 0135895531

عبدالله بن فهد الكويتي

Abdullah Fahad Al-Kuwaity

الاتصالات الأدارية
  • 0135897212

ناصر بن حمد الصفراء

Naser Al-Safraa

قسم النسخ
  • 0135897058

ناصر بن سعد العبلان

Nasser Saad Al-Ablan

خدمات عامة
  • 0135890000

نواف يوسف الفرط

Nawaf Yousuf Al-Fort

Public Services
  • 0135890000


Strategic Plan







The Powers and Terms of Reference of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Administrative, technical and financial supervision on all bodies under his responsibility, and taking all the procedures that ensure work progress.
  • Academic and scientific supervision on the university colleges under his responsibility, and taking the necessary procedures that ensure the work progress.
  • Do all works related to contracting with non-Saudi faculties and the like, as well as all non-Saudi employees, regarding renewing their contracts and conducting all foreign correspondences for contracting, bearing in mind that he should notify the university president of any exceptions not stated in the Non-Saudis Employment Regulation.
  • Supervise the implementation of the admission policies in the university, and follow up the procedures for enrolling new and transferred students from inside or outside the university in the time specified in the light of the university calendar, as decided by the university board, under the regulation of the deanship of admission and registration.
  • Supervise all students' affairs in the university, including the preparation of plans for cultural, social and sport activities, and follow up its implementation, as well as supervise the work of student committees on student activities and services.
  • Coordination among colleges concerning the proposed curriculum and references.
  • Coordination among colleges in respect to updating academic programs, study plans or scientific disciplines.
  • Formation of administrative committees to carry out all the works required by the bodies under his responsibility.
  • Recommend the appointment of lecturers and teaching assistants.
  • Approval of appointment in various posts, below the eighth rank, within his scope of responsibility.
  • Supervise on gathering information about teaching load for faculties and lecturers, as well as study and analyze such information.
  • Recommend to fill all the positions in the colleges under his responsibility, in coordination with the concerned college deans.
  • Approval on transferring the employees inside the university within his competence.
  • Recommend on staff retirement within his competence.
  • Transferring students to the disciplinary committee in respect to violations and penalties under the regulation.
  • Assign the right person to carry out investigation with employees, who are below the eighth rank, in different bodies that lie under his supervision about the alleged violations.
  • Direct purchase and commissioning of works, provided that such amount does not exceed the amount of 500.000 SARS.
  • Approval on staff assignment inside the country not more than (five days), according to the rules and regulations set in this regard.
  • Adopt the formation of the examination committees and organizing their work after approval by the college councils.
  • Approve annual and compulsory leaves for all staff in the bodies that lie under his responsibility, according to the rule and regulations set in this regard.
  • Reporting staff resume of work in all bodies lie under his responsibility to the concerned parties.
  • Approve Job Performance Assessments for all employees in the colleges and bodies under his responsibility.
  • Direct contact with ministries and governmental bodies, taking into account the functional level.