King Faisal University

Vice-presidency for Development and Partnerships

About the agency
The University Vice Presidency for Continuing Education and Collective Supervision of the University works to implement development in various fields and seeks to provide means for the continuous development of the University, through activities and plans that include training and developing all of the university’s senior staff, including faculty members, later on, and students, and upgrading them, as well as through The development plan and its initiatives, and the follow-up of outstanding performance, representing quality, are effective, to reach the establishment of distinguished creative and administrative leaders with high quality in performance and achievement in community education, and supervising the development of programs, planning and supervising student activities.
It works to sustain these developments in accordance with the quality standards applicable in prestigious international universities, and works to ensure that this is reflected positively on the university’s mental image internally and externally.
The most important responsibilities of the agency are to be the authority supervising improving the level of quality, training, and development at the university, digital transformation, instilling a culture of quality and community service in all its activities, following up and developing plans and programs for student activities and services, and working to encourage and help university programs adhere to the standards of academic accreditation and comprehensive quality. These programs must be evaluated periodically in line with continuous scientific and practical development, with the aim of reaching a distinguished level locally, regionally and globally, as required by the national development plans in the Kingdom.