King Faisal University

Secretariat of the University Council

King Faisal University Council System:

The University Council is responsible for managing academic, administrative, and financial affairs, and implementing the general policy of the university, and in particular:
1- Approval of the training and scholarship plan.
2- Proposing the establishment of colleges, institutes, departments, research centers, and supporting deanships, and proposing to amend their names, merge them, or cancel them.
3- Approval of scientific specializations and graduate studies programmes.
4- Granting academic degrees to university graduates.
5- Granting honorary doctorates.
6- Determine the details of the academic calendar according to the general framework for the beginning and end of the study and determine the vacations that fall between them.
7- Loaning faculty members, seconding them, sending them on scientific missions, granting them sabbatical leave, and terminating their services in accordance with the rules regulating that.
8- Approval of curricula, study plans, prescribed books, and references based on the proposal of the councils of the relevant colleges and institutes.
9- Proposing rewards and subsidies of various types to students.
10- Approval of the university’s draft budget and submitting it to the Minister of Education.
11- Approving the university’s internal regulations, which does not entail financial or functional benefits.
12- Approving or amending the university’s regulations.
13- Discussing the annual report in preparation for presenting it to the temporary committee in charge of the Higher Education Council.
14- Determining the amounts to be allocated to each college, institute, support deanship, and future research center for spending within the limits of the financial regulations.
15- Discussing the university’s final accounts in preparation for submitting it to the Prime Minister.
16 - Approval of the university’s extracurricular activity plans.
17- Deciding on the appointment of faculty members based on the recommendation of the Scientific Council.
18- Accepting donations, gifts, bequests, etc., provided that they do not conflict with the basic purpose for which the university was established.
19- Establishing rules governing students visiting or transferring to and from the university.
20- Considering the issues referred to it by the Minister of Higher Education or the University Director, or which any member of the Council proposes to present. The Council may form permanent or temporary committees from among its members or from others to study what it assigns to them.