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King Faisal University

General Administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs

General Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs

It is the department concerned with implementing the university’s budget approved by the Council of Ministers in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and rules and in light of the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance, and preparing the lists, balances and final accounts of the university at the end of each financial year by presenting them within the state budget.
Among its tasks:
Reviewing disbursement permissions and authorizations and ensuring that they comply with the relevant procedures and legal documents.
Coordinating with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Information Technology Center regarding rewards for male and female students.
Monthly reconciliation of checks issued with bank statements.
Auditing salaries, wages, and all entitlements to individuals and non-individuals
Follow up on letters from government regulatory authorities and respond to them regarding the university’s final account or some related financial matters after coordination with the various university departments.
Administrative affairs is affiliated with a group of departments:

Department of Accounting
Audit Department
Expenses section
Cash and checks department
Independent Accounts Department
Secretarial Department
Archives Department
For more information:

Contact the Director of Financial Management... Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Shuaibi:
Telephone (central): 035800000
Internal transfer: 1186
Telephone and fax: 035800251
s . Box 400, Al-Hofuf 31982
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia