King Faisal University

Financial Planning and Budget Administration

Procedures and steps for preparing a draft budget for university entities
The entity’s draft budget includes all detailed data related to realistic human and financial estimates of actual needs, for all items, programs and projects of the four sections of the budget, after presenting it to the College Council for the university’s faculties for approval. As for the supporting deanships, main and executive departments, and scientific and research centers for approval by the owner Authority, provided that the Planning and Budget Department is submitted annually according to the dates specified by the Ministry of Finance, which prepares the university’s draft budget in accordance with the directions of the university’s senior management and its approval by the university council, according to the following procedures and steps:
First: Chapter One (Salaries, Allowances, and Wages).
A) New job needs for faculty members, teachers, administrative, technical and health staff:
Determining the positions required to be created at the level of each entity at the university, stating the justifications for requesting the creation of faculty positions in light of the approved positions for each entity, while adhering to the ratio (student/professor) for each faculty in accordance with the instructions of the plan (1:17) for scientific colleges, (22:1). ) For theoretical colleges, and for the colleges of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy (1:5) according to Model No. (1).
B) The current status of the approved positions budget:
It is determined by the Deanship of Faculty Affairs and the Personnel Affairs Department according to the following:
1- A detailed statement of the position of the positions occupied at the time of preparing the draft budget, indicating the job title, job rank and number, name of the occupant, nationality and gender, basic monthly salary, legally due allowances, and the entity affiliated with it.
2- A detailed statement of the vacant positions at the time of preparing the draft budget, indicating the job title, rank, number, and the entity affiliated with it.
3- A statement of university employees who are eligible for promotion, and for whom there are no vacant or suitable positions available in the approved job budget according to Form No. (2).
4- A statement of the jobs whose titles are requested to be modified, raised, or transferred to another party other than those approved for them, in coordination with each entity at the university and the Planning and Budget Department according to Form No. (3).
5- A detailed statement of those appointed on lump sum salaries, indicating the job title, the name of its occupant, the monthly salary, nationality, and the entity for which he works.
6- A detailed statement of those appointed to the wages section, indicating the job title, category, name of its occupant, basic monthly wage, legally prescribed allowances, nationality, annual bonus payable, and the entity to which the employee is affiliated.
7- A detailed statement of the number of contractors whose services are expected to be terminated during the next year from the positions of teaching, health, technical and administrative staff members and employees, as well as those appointed to the items of lump sum salaries and workers’ wages... as well as the period of service and the salary or wage according to which the end-of-service reward is calculated.
Second: Chapter Two (Operational Expenses).
Care must be taken to clarify the foundations and criteria for preparing realistic estimates of the needs of each entity at the university regarding the items of this section, and the justifications for requesting them and arranging them according to the importance and priority of their implementation... provided that copies of the contracts (rent of classrooms - subsistence - supply... etc.) and agreements concluded with valid foreign scientific bodies and organizations should be attached. The effect relates to the provisions of Chapter Two, in addition to any documents that support the request for those needs according to Form No. (4).
Third: Chapter Three (operation, maintenance and cleaning programs and contracts).
It includes the following: maintenance and cleaning of buildings, facilities and facilities, maintenance and operation of devices and computers, maintenance of equipment, air conditioning devices, calculators, typewriters, medical devices, laboratories, etc., at the level of all university entities, provided that each entity prepares a detailed statement of the contracts concluded and in effect, pertaining to this section, indicating the name of it. The contractor or implementing company, the subject of the contract
Its value, the start and end dates of the addition to the new works expected to be implemented during the next year and the special value study for each new contract for those whose value is 5,000,000 riyals or more, according to what was stated in the letter of His Excellency the Minister of Finance No. 10/2/35269, dated 7/20/1422 AH (attached (Including a copy of all valid contracts related to this section) according to Form No. (5).
Fourth: Chapter Four (Projects).
A - The university entities shall provide the University City Administration and the Projects and Public Services Administration with the proposed new projects so that these two departments can list all the new projects required in the draft budget for all university entities, provided that each project is accompanied by a value engineering study for implementation, operation and maintenance over the life of the project, in accordance with As stated in the circular of His Excellency the Minister of Finance No. 10/2/35269 dated 7/20/1422 AH.
B - All projects being implemented at the university are inventoryed in coordination between: the Projects and Public Services Administration, the University City, and Financial Affairs... so that their statement includes: the project number and name, the total approved cost for it, and the actual spending position on it specified by The Ministry of Finance is expected to spend it on each project during the next fiscal year, analyzing the project balance allocated for future years for the work required to be implemented... provided that sufficient justifications are mentioned in the event that the total required for the project exceeds the total appropriation allocated to it, and a special value study for each project according to Form No. (6).
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