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King Faisal University

Operation and Maintenance Administration

1- Raising the satisfaction rate of university employees, including students, employees, and faculty members, in service
provided to them
2- Speedy response and provision of service to beneficiaries in record time and in a professional manner
3- Maintaining the university’s assets and property in excellent operating condition
4- A distinguished work environment for all management employees
5- Developing competencies in supervisory work
6- Continuous improvement in maintenance work and keeping pace with the latest systems globally
7-Developing work procedures
8- Making the most of the management staff to serve the public interest
9- Benefiting from operation and maintenance contracts according to the university’s needs accurately and according to well-studied standards
10- Reducing the number of maintenance requests received on the system by the beneficiary as a result of covering them with periodic maintenance
11- Raising the percentage of localization of professions in maintenance and operation contracts
12- Speeding up the preparation of monthly summaries and technical reports and submitting them to the concerned authority in record time.
13- A decrease in the number of maintenance requests submitted by beneficiaries as a result of the improvement in procedures and follow-up of periodic maintenance
14-Digital transformation in work procedures in line with the nature of the department’s work
15-Optimal use of the financial programs designated for operation and maintenance management
16-Reducing financial costs in providing spare parts while maintaining the quality of work
17- Rationalization of energy and water consumption
18-Environmental sustainability